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Have you taken a Covid test before travelling to/from Spain? Let us know the details so we can help others

Posted: Mon Aug 9, 2021 8:58pm
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We've had lots of posts asking for advice on how and where to get covid tests before travelling to/from Spain and I would like to compile a list of these suppliers so we can help others. 

Please help by replying to this topic - please only reply if you can help with the answers to the below. For general discussion please use other topics.

Please let me know:

  • Where you received the test (location and contact details etc)
  • What type of test it was (PCR / Lateral flow / Antigen etc)
  • Cost of the test
  • Was it for travelling to or from Spain?
  • Whether you had any problems using it for travel?

Our helpful member 'eraser' is putting a list together of your answers on the following topic:

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Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 11:13am

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Posted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 11:13am

We are travelling on 28th August to our family holiday home in Aguilas. My husband and I are double vaccinated and our youngest is 10 years old so we don't need tests. However, my son has just turned 12 so we have booked him a pre-travel PCR. I have also booked a Day 2 test for all four of us. I've booked the test through RANDOX as I found them to offer the cheapest service. Test are £48 each or £43 each with code easyjet2021. We live in Devon so the drop-off locations are a little sparse and we will have to travel to drop off the pre-departure test but as Day 2 tests can be taken "on or before" day 2, I am going to take them with us, complete them at the airport when we arrive home and drop them at one of the service station locations on the way home.


Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:45am

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Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 11:45am

I have recently posted this info but no harm in repeating.

The pharmacia, Isla Plana.....excellent service lateral flow test, 30 euros, quick (4/5 minutes from nose twizzling), no problems with Ryanair (they didn't ask at Gatwick).

Highly recommended.


Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:15pm

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Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2021 7:15pm

We booked our fit to fly return at centro medico in La Union 30€ each very straight forward. However please remember to check the certificate carefully as they had omitted one digit from the passport number and it was flagged at the port (but allowed to pass). Our day 2 was with NWP at £40 each. Test was waiting for us on return and we just had to drop them in a local priority post box. 


Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:01am

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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:01am

Flew July. Double jabbed.
Lateral flow to return to uk, CMV San Javier. €30. Booked in person. 

Day 2 tested ordered from Expert Medical £35.99 total cost. Only one received on return home, however, got code for locator form, and now doing chargeback. So no problems.

Family flew back to uk July. Lateral flow from CMV, Cartagena, CMV in San Javier booked for us. €30. Had to return to correct age, so check certificate and make sure they have your email address. 

Day 2 test Randox £43

No problems


Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:18am

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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:18am

We have just flown to and from Spain. We ordered a day 2 PCR test from Expert Medicals £35.99 incl p&p before we travelled, as you can drop these off at a Post office(waiting for us when we got home). In Spain we got an Antigen test from Labratorio Nieto in Torre Pacheco, no appointment needed, was €30 each, certificate given in 10 minutes. (Make sure all details are there and correct). Ryanair check your test certificate, passport and Locator form while you are sat waiting for your flight and then give you a slip to show with your boarding pass when you board.


Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2021 1:06pm

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Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2021 1:06pm

Hello everyone.

We flew to the UK on 26 July with Ryanair and have just returned. No problem with any of our tests.

We went to the Centro Medico Virgin de la Caridad in San Javier to book our Antigen  tests but actually had the tests done at their sister clinic, Centro Medico de la Caridad Mar Menor in San Pedro, as San Javier had no spare appointments, but they made the appointment for us. We had allowed a fortnight so my advice would be not to leave it until the last minute.

We were in and out within fifteen minutes. Very easy. Very good price - €30 each. Next time I will go straight to this clinic to book as it was much quieter.

At the time of flying we had to take 2 & 8 day tests which we arranged through a company called Testing for All. Excellent service and communication and would recommend them - £95 each. 

It’s very stressful hoping you have done ‘the right thing’ so I hope this information helps. 


Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2021 8:51pm

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Posted: Sun Aug 22, 2021 8:51pm

I booked the whole family into centro medico in la Union because I didn’t want to just risk queuing. The test were done and certificate given. Please, please check the certificates. My passport numbers were wrong! Luckily the border control let us through anyway but advised emailing and getting the correct certificate emailed to me. They then sent completely the wrong certificate belonging to someone else! So another email and finally sorted by the time I arrived in the UK. 


Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:08pm

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Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:08pm

Hi all

We hope to be coming To calasparra  Oct/nov.. re ferry both have had our injections ,do we need to have any tests to enter or leave.


Barbara , colin.


Posted: Sat Sep 4, 2021 2:19pm

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Posted: Sat Sep 4, 2021 2:19pm

We booked our Antigen test through the private clinic in San Javier. They didn't have an appointment there but set us up with an appointment at their hospital in Cartagena. We had to go to their Urgencias entrance where the test was carried out without any delay, but we were told we would have to wait 2-3 hours for the result. We had been given to believe that we would get the result in 20 minutes. We actually got the result from the reception desk at the entrance next to the cafe 3 hours later. My best guess is that if you get it at the clinic in San Javier you may get it in 20 minutes, but at the hospital I presume that our tests were in a queue with all the other medical tests that arose in the hospital. So my advice would be to book your test early to get it done in San Javier. Tests cost 30 euros each. 

We booked Abicare health for our day 2 tests ( we are both fully vaccinated) in the UK from the list in the UK gov website they charged £75 each and they were sent by DPD to our UK address in plenty of time. The test was easily (if not comfortably) carried out and put into the packaging provided and posted in a "Priority" post box. These boxes are marked "Priority". WE got the all clear the following day. So quite pleased with the service, and the price seemed reasonable from what we hear that others have paid.

Returning was easy, we only had to complete the online Spain Travel Health form 2 days before we returned and we received our QR codes by email. These were checked at Alicante on arrival, My advice would be to print it out rather than relying on your phone. The queues were held up by people who couldn't find were it was stored on their phones, we breezed through with our paper copies

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