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Latest posts in the whole of Costa Calida

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Looking to buy a property - 0 replies

Bobbij1 Posted by Bobbij1 in Introduce yourselves in Puerto de Mazarrón on Mon Jul 6, 2020 9:20am

Hi my name is Bob 

I am currently looking at property for sale in Yecla and was wondering stuff like

- how big is Yecla

- are there many ex pats in the area

- are tradesmen easily available 

Is Alicante the nearest airport 

What is the climate like

I know that a flight over is the best way to find out so I am trying to fit this in at the moment 

I am 64 so not looking at schools etc but is Yecla a thriving community 

Any advice is good advice



Buying a second hand car - 0 replies

Lesley08 Posted by Lesley08 in Driving, hiring, buying and owning a car in Fortuna on Mon Jul 6, 2020 8:38am

Hi we are wanting to buy a second hand car, something like a Renault clip. What's the easiest/cheapest way to do this, privately or dealer, bearing in mind I don't speak Spanish. 

Thanks - 0 replies

Noel Thomas Power Posted by Noel Thomas Power in General Calasparra discussion on Mon Jul 6, 2020 1:16am

Thank You Alex, interesting reading. Noel.

Wanted: Pool Table - 0 replies

lowers Posted by lowers in Buy and sell items in Murcia City on Mon Jul 6, 2020 12:51am

Anyone selling a descent pool table?.Slate bed/outdoor one ideally.Money waiting for right one.Thanks

When to wear face masks? - 2 replies

Gary44 Posted by Gary44 in Health, beauty, fitness and sport in Los Alcázares on Sun Jul 5, 2020 10:17pm

Hi, I’m planning on coming over from the UK later this month. Can someone help with advising on what are the current rules for wearing face masks when running or cycling outside? I’m hoping you don’t need to wear one! 

Camposol D, - Owner Exiled in Blighty! - 1 replies

UncleAlan Posted by UncleAlan in Find friends in Camposol on Sun Jul 5, 2020 8:45pm

HELP!  I am marooned in England with "Corona-shielding", and having had a couple of "Health-episdodes" during the previous six-months, have been unable to get out to "Cassa Quixote" my humble little Classico Holiday-Paradise-Cottage in Camposol, for 12-months now! 

So I am trying to get in touch with Gordon from the Sector-D Gardening-Group, who lives in the vicinity, to let me know if it has survived the rigours of the last 12-months intact, before I pack-up my wheelchair, commandeer a helper, and book flights out from Hurn Airport!

Returning to england with empty transit - 1 replies

Faulkner1 Posted by Faulkner1 in General Camposol discussion on Sun Jul 5, 2020 7:34pm

Hi everybody am returning to england leaving here monday the 13th if anybody has anything they want taken back to uk then please feel free to message me as transit van will be empty. Keep safe 

Full time residents in Sectors A & B - 6 replies

Posted by Sun Dreamer in General property discussion in Camposol on Sun Jul 5, 2020 6:23pm

Hi can anyone tell me if there are many full time residents in Sectors A & B please? We are planning to buy a property initially as a holiday home with the intention of moving over full time.

I have been looking at Sector D upto now but we've decided we would like to be within walking distance of the amenities, but not on top of them.  I have read sector D has the most full time residents so just wondering how A & B compare.  Thanks very much

Residency requirements for UK citizen working in Spain - 1 replies

Marmitepickles Posted by Marmitepickles in Residency in Camposol: padron, residencia and passport advice on Sun Jul 5, 2020 5:59pm

I am a UK citizen working in Spain for last 12 months. I'm looking at buying a property in Camposol and from what I've read it seems I can get a mortgage from a Spanish bank with a smaller deposit as opposed to getting a mortgage from the same bank as a UK citizen. My question is, what are the requirements I need to meet to get residency, I'm still working and have health care through my job. Also, by becoming resident what am I giving up from the UK?

Thanks in advance

Repairing rattan furniture - 0 replies

Sue57 Posted by Sue57 in General Mazarron discussion on Sun Jul 5, 2020 5:50pm


Does anyone know a person or a company that can repair rattan furniture ?


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